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By Mary Gregory, D.D.S.
May 13, 2014
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dental implantAs a child, weren’t you always excited when your teeth would fall out? The prospect of having the tooth fairy visit was enough to make you shake and loosen those other baby teeth; however, the fun wears off when your permanent teeth come in. There’s no tooth fairy excitement when an adult finds himself or herself dealing with tooth loss. It can be a stressful experience! However, there are options out there that can help you restore that smile back to its perfect state. Consider dental implants the adult version of the tooth fairy.
  • It boosts self-confidence: You might notice that you’ve been smiling less since you lost a tooth. Perhaps you’re even embarrassed to laugh out loud or smile, even around your closest friends. There’s no reason why anyone should have to worry about this. With natural options like dental implants, you can gain that gorgeous, healthy smile and up that self-confidence. As they say, smiling is contagious!
  • Enjoy meal again: For many battling with missing teeth, even just the simple act of enjoying a meal can be ruined when they have to fight to chew their food. Perhaps the idea of a nice, juicy steak makes you salivate but the idea of eating it makes you nervous. Fear no more! You can enjoy meals again with your new dental implants. Bite into that delicious steak without stress. Dinnertime will no longer be a cause for concern.
  • A more long-term solution: Sure, there are other options for regaining a perfect smile, but implants are designed to be a long-term option. Their longevity and sturdiness makes them a perfect option for restoring a gaping smile. With the proper oral hygiene, dental implants can last you decades.
  • Less upkeep: Sure you have to maintain proper oral hygiene, but at least you don’t have to deal with dentures any longer. No more late-night soaks and having to deal with dentures sliding around in your mouth while you eat. Now you can comfortably enjoy your lifestyle without having to deal with removable teeth. Dental implants aren’t going anywhere! Plus, you don’t have to remove them at night. It’s much easier to take care of then other traditional methods.
  • Looks like the real thing: With dental implants you don’t have to worry about it looking different from your other teeth. In fact, these implants are designed to match the color of your other teeth, offering a look and feel that’s as real as your natural teeth. No one will know but you!
  • Don’t fear cavities: The magic of dental implants is that they can’t get cavities, which takes a load off anyone’s mind; however, that doesn’t mean you can neglect your dental health. Makes sure to visit your dentist every six months to make sure your gums and the rest of your teeth remain healthy and cavity-free.
So why wait? All you have to gain is a beautiful smile and self-esteem. To find out if dental implants are right for you, contact us at (703) 527-6495. We want to give you the smile you deserve!

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