By Mary Gregory, D.D.S.
August 27, 2014
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dental implantsDo you have a teenager who has a missing tooth? Are you researching your child’s options so he or she can finally restore their smile and regain confidence? We think that’s wonderful! Oral health is extremely important no matter what age. There’s no reason why your child shouldn’t get back their smile. 
You may be sifting through the Internet to find out which restorative treatments in Arlington are just right for your child. Your Arlington dentist office is here to provide some helpful advice when it comes to what will work for your teenager’s oral health.

The Jawbone is Developing 

As you probably already know, your teenager is still growing. That means not everything has fully developed yet. We realize that your child wants to fix their tooth loss, and there are definitely options for doing that; however, we recommend holding off on more advanced procedures, such as a dental implantation, until your child’s jawbone has fully developed.

Why Does a Developing Jawbone Matter?

This treatment option requires that a small screw be inserted into the jawbone and then given months to heal and to allow the implant to fuse with the surrounding bone and tissues. Since a teen’s jawbone hasn’t reached maturity, any treatments like dental implants would affect the jawbone and halt its growth.
While maturity fluctuates from person to person, the majority reaches full maturation in their late teens. Once this happens, there’s no reason why your child can’t consider getting dental implants in Arlington, VA.
Furthermore, your Arlington restorative dentist recommends holding off on dental implants until adulthood because your teenager’s jaw could still shift outward or downwards. When this happens, their natural teeth will shift with the jaw and move with the growth; however, dental implants won’t. This in turn will affect the gums surrounding the dental implant, which also will remain stationary. Play it safe, and wait until your teenager is a bit older before they get dental implants.

What’s Your Teenager’s Dental Status Report?

Wondering when you will be able to tell whether your teenager has reached the right age for dental implants? Well then schedule your child’s next appointment with us by calling (703) 527-6495. We’ll be able to tell you if your child’s mouth is finally right for dental implants.
Did your teenager receive dental implants after reaching maturity? If so, how do they like their new smile? We want to hear from you or your child about how their restored smile has changed their life.


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