By Mary E. Gregory, D.D.S.
March 28, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Find out why you shouldn’t skip out on flossing your teeth.

How often do you floss? If the answer is not “everyday” then you are missing a crucial component to your oral care routine. But what is it about flossing that brushing can’t handle? From the office of your Arlington, VA dentist Dr. Mary Gregory, find out why you should beFlossing flossing everyday.

When you brush and floss you remove the bacteria in your mouth. While it’s completely normal to have bacteria in your mouth these bacteria feed off the food that is left behind in your teeth, turning the sugars from it into acid. This acid will attack your teeth and wear away the enamel, which can cause cavities. As if cavities weren’t bad enough the bacteria also churns out sulfur, which can cause some pretty offensive breath.

Why isn’t brushing effective enough on its own?

When you brush you are only getting to certain areas of your smile but missing others. This isn’t giving your mouth the thorough clean that your general dentist in Arlington would hope for.

If plaque lingers and you don’t floss this buildup can harden into tartar. Unlike plaque, which can very easily be removed through regular brushing and flossing, your Arlington, VA family dentist is the only one who can remove tartar. If tartar doesn’t get removed it can cause gum irritation and eventually gum disease. Instead of having to go through the invasiveness of gum disease treatments just be good to your mouth from the very beginning and floss everyday.

Not used to flossing? Then it may take some time at first to get accustomed to the technique. That’s okay; we are happy to show you the best way to properly floss your teeth if you are feeling a bit clueless. After all, our goal is to make sure you have a healthy, cavity-free and gum disease-free smile. By flossing every day you can eliminate the bacteria that can cause these common issues and create a healthy smile that lasts.

Have questions about flossing? Need to schedule your six-month dental cleaning? Then it’s time you turned to Mary E. Gregory, DDS Family Dentistry for all of your family’s smile needs.


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