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By Mary E. Gregory, D.D.S. Family Dentistry
September 09, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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MouthwashFind out if it’s really necessary to use mouthwash every day.

Wondering if mouthwash should become part of your oral care routine? While it might seem obvious to brush your teeth twice a day or see your Arlington, VA dentist Dr. Mary Gregory every six months for routine care, it might seem less obvious to use mouthwash. Find out more about mouthwash and whether it can improve your oral health.

What Mouthwash Should I Choose?

If you wander through your local drugstore you may find that there are a myriad of different kinds of mouthwashes. So, which do you choose? To put it simply, there are three different categories that mouthwash can fall under:

Antiseptic: These mouthwashes are formulated to prevent tooth decay by removing plaque, a thin film of bacteria that forms on the teeth.

Fluoridated: Mouthwash that contains fluoride helps to make tooth enamel more resistant to acid attacks, which helps to prevent tooth decay.

Cosmetic: These mouthwashes aren’t designed to prevent decay or other issues and are truly meant to hide bad breath.

What are the pros and cons of mouthwash?

There are benefits to using mouthwash, but it’s still important to remember that even though it can temporarily mask that pesky bad breath. it’s not a permanent solution. If you have severe or chronic bad breath, there could be an underlying problem that is causing it. That’s why it’s always important to see your Arlington, VA dentist if you notice any changes or problems with your oral health. Bad breath is nothing to ignore. You may need a special therapeutic mouthwash to truly combat your dental issues.

The major pro to using mouthwash each day is that it can keep your mouth cleaner. By rinsing with mouthwash you can dislodge debris that you may have missed through flossing or brushing. Furthermore, using antibacterial or fluoridated rinses could even strengthen tooth enamel and your gums and prevent periodontal disease and possibly even cavities.

So, how vitally important is mouthwash?

While mouthwash can be an added bonus to your oral care regime it certainly doesn’t take the place of other measures. It’s significantly more important to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily then it is to use mouthwash.

However, there may be a time when your Arlington dentist will advise you to use a special rinse to treat an infection or inflammation. In this case it’s important to use this mouthwash every day as directed by your dentist.

If you are unsure about whether mouthwash could benefit your smile, then you should talk to Dr. Gregory, your Arlington, VA dentist, today. We can help you determine which mouthwash is right for you.

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