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By Dr. Mary Gregory
July 31, 2018

Dental crowns have several important uses in dentistry, including restoring infected teeth after root canal therapy, covering implants, and dental crownssecuring dental bridges. You may find that crowns are the right choice for resolving your unique dental problem while giving you a long-term solution. You’ll know for sure after you visit Dr. Mary Gregory at her Arlington, VA, dentist office.

Dental Crown Treatment
Dentists place over 2 million crowns every year according to the American College of Prosthodontists, making it a top restorative treatment. It is one of the most beneficial treatments in dentistry, giving patients renewed confidence in the appearance and stability of their teeth. After months or years of seeing a tooth deteriorate, lose its attractive color, and weaken, a crown can make it strong and beautiful again. A crown treatment only requires you to commit to two or three dental visits in about a three-week span of time.

Is a Crown Right for Your Problem?
Your Arlington dentist must perform a dental exam and take X-rays to know for sure that you are a good candidate for a crown. There are a few circumstances when it’s likely that a crown will be the right solution for your dental problem:

- The tooth enamel is soft or weak.
- There are cracks in the surface of a tooth or broken edges.
- A single tooth shows dark discoloration that won’t respond to whitening gels.
- The enamel needs to be restored after root canal therapy.
- You have a missing tooth between two strong, healthy teeth (dental bridges use dental crowns).

Crown Care
If you do get a crown, it’s your responsibility to ensure its long-term stability. Ensure that it will stay in place for a very long time by observing the following important care tips:

- Brush and floss thoroughly around each tooth, paying close attention to the base of the crown. It’s important that you brush at least twice daily—once upon waking, and once after the last meal of the day. Floss before you go to sleep and between meals. 
- Ask your dentist to create a nightguard if you’re grinding and clenching, which could damage a crown’s exterior.
- Avoid eating sticky or hard candies.

Get More from Your Smile
If your teeth have lost their strength and beauty because of dental damage, crowns might help. Contact Dr. Gregory’s family dental office in Arlington, VA, at 703-527-6495 today to schedule a dentist appointment.

Is your smile missing teeth? Are you too embarrassed to smile? Dental implants are the gold standard in the replacement of teeth. You dental implantscan get your smile back.  with the help of Dr. Mary Gregory in Arlington, VA. Here are some reasons to consider dental implants.

1. Improve Your Look

Don't let missing teeth ruin your smile. Dental implants can fill in your smile's gaps and improve your appearance. Dental implants are the most natural replacement for missing teeth.

2. Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

If you are missing teeth, chewing can become extremely difficult. Implants can restore your ability to chew food. With implants, you will be able to eat the foods you have avoided in the past. Strong and stable, dental implants restore missing teeth so that they feel and function like natural teeth. 

4. Prevent Teeth Shifting

If you have a missing tooth, the existing teeth may cave in or shift out of their place and into the empty space. This can lead to a potential collapse of bite support. Dental implants can prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of place. 

3. Preserve Healthy Bone

Dental implants protect your healthy bone. Missing teeth can lead to additional health issues, such as the deterioration and loss of some of your jawbone. When the jawbone is not being used to support a natural tooth, it deteriorates. Dental implants help to stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss. 

5. Improve Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem results from a poor self-image and can have devastating consequences. Depression and low self-esteem often go hand-in-hand. Low self-esteem leaves people vulnerable to depression. A dental implant can restore your smile and improve your self-esteem. Consult with an Arlington, VA dentist to find out if dental implants are right for you.

A beautiful smile is a powerful thing. It can boost your self-confidence and help you overcome inhibitions- in both your personal life and professional life. Call Dr. Mary Gregory at 703-527-6495 to schedule an appointment in Arlington, VA. Dental implants will give you that beautiful smile you've been waiting for. 

By Dr. Mary Gregory
September 22, 2016

How your dentist in Arlington, VA can help your smile

If you are suffering from broken teeth and a broken smile, your smile can be restored with dental crowns! Dental crowns are the go-to dental crownssolution to strengthen teeth weakened by decay or damage. Dr. Mary Gregory, your dentist in Arlington, VA wants to help you discover the magic of dental crowns and how they strengthen damaged teeth.

Modern dental crowns are made of strong materials that are also cosmetically beautiful. When you choose dental crowns you will experience both the strength and natural-looking beauty of dental crowns.

Unlike huge, bulky metal fillings which can weaken your tooth structurally, dental crowns encase the entire visible portion of your tooth, protecting it like a suit of armor. Dental crowns help to shield your teeth from severe biting forces when you chew.

Your dentist in Arlington can replace your old, broken down metal fillings with dental crowns to provide a stronger, more naturally-beautiful smile. You want people to notice your smile, not your fillings!

There are several different dental crown materials to choose from. Consider:

  • A full gold crown--which is a strong crown material usually reserved for back teeth where you need biting strength
  • A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown--also called a PFM crown, which combines both strength and beauty; this crown is perfect for any location in your mouth.
  • A full porcelain crown--which is the most natural-looking crown because it reflects light, just like your natural teeth; these crowns are typically placed on teeth that are visible when you smile.

You deserve to eat the foods you love without worry. You also deserve a smile you can be proud of, a smile that gives you confidence and enhances your life. Dental crowns can provide you with a lifetime of smiles. Don’t wait when it comes to your smile. Contact Dr. Gregory, your dentist in Arlington, VA, and strengthen your damaged teeth with dental crowns. Call today and get started on your great smile!

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