I lost a filling while in the midst of helping my husband who had just been released from the hospital after a cardiac triple by pass surgery.  Dr. Gregory and her staff quickly responded in their usual caring, compassionate manner by fitting me into Dr. Gregory's very busy schedule.  Dr. Gregory never fails to make all of her patients feel as if they are very special to her.  She and her staff always take the time to inquire about their patients'  welfare and families.  They always remember the little things that really count.

In addition, Dr. Gregory's skill, talent and artistry made the entire filling replacement procedure totally painless and cosmetically  perfect.  In my 74 years of experience I have never experienced a truly painless dentist such as Dr. Gregory. 

Her appointments are accurately  scheduled and she is unfailingly prompt.  Her staff always welcome their patients with warm, cheerful, professional greetings.  This remarkable attitude prevails throughout the patient's appointment.  Further, Dr. Gregory always follows up on her procedures with a phone call to the patient to check on how everything is going and how the patient is feeling.
Dr. Gregory thoroughly explained what I should be aware of  after the procedure and the possibility of subsequent discomfort.
I followed her instructions and had absolutely no discomfort.  The results were a cosmetically perfect filling and no residual discomfort.  Her concerned manner and caring skill came a time when it was really appreciated, given my husband's ordeal.
P.F. Arlington, VA
Dr. Gregory's staff was very accommodating, programming three of us for the same day and time period.  Her staff of walked my 7-year old through his first set of x-rays without a hitch.  They even came up with techniques to get my x-rays done, despite my over-active gag reflex.  

My boys had great cleanings with no incidents, surprising considering their past dental experiences.   They really enjoyed it and said they were looking forward to coming back.  

I had two cavities filled in one hour with absolutely no pain.  Dr. Gregory and her staff were careful to talk me through each step and provided the right amount of anesthesia.  It was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had.
N.F.  Arlington, VA
Examined, diagnosed and recommended next steps for treatment of a painful tooth-ache.
Although the office seems very busy, Dr. Gregory was able to fit me in (a new patient) on very short notice to treat a bad tooth-ache. She and the excellent staff are very skilled not only at Dentistry but also at communication. Causes, alternatives, risks, recommendations, and costs were all covered in great detail. Once it was clear that a root canal was needed, they even set up the appointment for me and sent my chart so it was waiting for me at the nearby Endodontist's office. Dr. Gregory even called me afterward to check that the tooth ache was on the mend, which it was. I've since returned to begin the process of having a crown made to replace the problem tooth and so far everything is going very well

C.P Arlington, VA


I've been seeing her for 12 years. They are efficient. She is honest and tells me what I need. She doesn't push me for something that I don't want. She has a very good staff of hygienists. They are clean and prompt. I am pleased with her service and her advice

D.M Arlintgon, VA

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