With restorative and cosmetic dental services, patients can enjoy a full healthy smile. Dr. Mary Gregory offers comprehensive, high-quality treatments for all our patients. Learn more about restoration and cosmetic dentistry from our dentist and call 703-527-6495 for an appointment today! Patients can also learn more about our services in the pages below.

Restorative services help repair damage to a patient’s smile. If your teeth have been damaged by an accident, injury, tooth decay or gum disease, explore our options for restoration. We offer a range of services that help repair the function and structure of the teeth, gums and other damaged tissue. Common restoration services are dental fillings, dentures and root canals.

Cosmetic services help improve the appearance of teeth. From teeth whitening to veneers, these procedures help your teeth look brighter, more even and more appealing. See how you can get a beautiful, confident smile and ask our dentist about cosmetic treatments.

Whatever your needs are, our office is here for you and your family. Plan an appointment with us, and our dentist can examine your smile and recommend treatment. Ask our office about restorative and cosmetic dental services in Arlington, Virginia; patients can plan an appointment with our office by calling 703-527-6495.